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'The Water, the Earth, The Sun and me... We are Gold...'
Discover a new chapter in the story of J'adore. #diorjadore.

In the beginning, there was woman. J’adore is her incarnation. Charlize Theron, the icon. At the heart of the basic elements, when emotions laid bare are transformed into vital energy, she rediscovers her true nature. Renewed, triumphant, she is reborn into the world.

In this new opus, Charlize Theron appears in the grandiose setting of a vast expanse of unspoiled land where the elements converge. A surreal desert of water that marks the meeting point between sky and earth. Powerful nature, stretching as far as the eye can see, bathed in a beneficial and restorative rain. A sublime, warm light that radiates through each scene.

"Each time the House of Dior has endeavored to develop a certain vision of femininity, to understand where it fits in the world, and define a relationship with luxury. This film marks a new, radically different beginning. Now she is totally free."
Film by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Listen to the official soundtrack by Woodkid " I Love You" 


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